Automated Electronic Tank Monitoring and Petroleum Leak Detection

We carry and service all brands of tank monitoring equipment to give you at a glance updates on your tanks status. We can provide and install simple mechanical sight gauges to the state of the art in electronic tank gauge monitoring systems. These systems are not only indispensable but are required for most applications. Our certified controls experts will provide seamless integration between your tank system and components.

  • Monitor for petroleum leak detection in tanks, piping sumps and containment areas.
  • Run automated periodic testing and diagnostics.
  • Perform Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
  • Run system histories.
  • Storage tank level gauge
  • Tank water detection

Meet compliance requirements and inventor control with our offering of these great products

  • Veeder-Root
  • Incon
  • Pneumercator
  • OPW
  • Omntec
  • And more…

For new equipment sales or installation Capitol Petroleum Equipment will deliver. Call us for the service you deserve! 301-931-9090.

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