Fuel piping systems for above ground and underground

Fiberglass, flexible polymer, thermo weld and steel piping, how you convey your fuel is just as important as where you store it. Each piping system has its strengths and we know them all. Basic above ground piping with cut and thread pipe to double wall fiberglass reinforced plastic underground pipe, can plan it and we pipe it, we install and repair and all the major brands.

  • Ameron (Fiberglass and Duraloy LCX piping systems)
  • Smith (Fiberglass piping systems)
  • Nupi (Thermo-welded piping systems)
  • UPP (Thermo-welded piping systems from Franklin Fueling Systems)
  • APT (Flexible piping systems from Franklin Fueling Systems)
  • Pisces (Flexible piping systems from OPW)
  • Custom pre-fabricated pipe fiberglass and steel pipe
  • Underground piping removal services

For new equipment sales, installation or underground fuel pipe removal, Capitol Petroleum Equipment will deliver. Call us for the service you deserve! 301-931-9090

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