Fuel Site Environmental Compliance

The Maryland Department of the Environment has closely regulates facilities equipped with Underground fuel storage tanks. It’s your responsibility as an owner or operator to ensure you are compliant. The way codes and regulations are today it’s not always easy. What gets tested and when? How do I comply with all my codes and regulations? 3rd party UST inspection- what’s that? Who can help me? Sound familiar?

Easy, we can!

At Capitol Petroleum Equipment we provide a complete lineup of compliance services. From 3rd party inspections to annual tank and line testing, monitor equipment calibration and sampling for contamination. We will keep you current and in compliance. Save the environment from impact and save you money from fines and costly remediation. Our highly trained and certified staff will help you meet your current and future Government and state compliance guidelines. When it comes to the protecting the environment we’re all about spill prevention, but accidents or system component corrosion can often go unnoticed. We will evaluate your system and set you up on a schedule. We’ll discuss your options and notify you of any issues that require immediate attention. Let’s work together to keep he fuel where it belongs- in your tank!

Call us to find out more! 301-931-9090.

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