Generators Tanks and Fueling Systems

Backup emergency systems play a crucial role in the ability of a building to function during the loss of its external power source. In today’s tech based world power interruptions are detrimental to data and financial institutions, impact the lives of residents and endanger patients in health care centers.

A generator won’t function without a reliable fuel source. Every component of fuel storage tank system must function when the main power fails. Capitol Petroleum Equipment has installed, repaired, and maintained the fuel systems for backup emergency generator tank systems since 2005. Even the most basic systems require technical proficiency to ensure they are installed and maintained correctly – this includes day tanks, fuel transfer pumps, electronic control panels, float switches, and other electronic and mechanical controls. Generators are rarely located next to the fuel storage tank, storage tanks are typically be located in the basement or outside the building and often feed a generator located on the roof, so the fuel management is a critical function. Ensuring that your fuel supply is clean and usable is just as critical. Water or contaminated fuel could shut your system down at the most critical moments regardless of how well the electrical and mechanical components are maintained. We can provide you with mechanical fuel tank filtration systems or periodic filtering services for water removal and fuel maintenance. Capitol Petroleum Equipment, Inc. has provided Storage Tank Cleaning and Automated Fuel tank Filtration services to our satisfied customers since our inception.

Capitol Petroleum Equipment has forged lasting client partnerships across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Our clients realize the important role these systems play, and our clients realize our experience and knowledge makes us the perfect partner.

If it’s a brand new generator fuel oil system installation or a current systems update or repair, we’re here to help.

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